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A Game Viewing Safari With the Elephant Valley Lodge

Located between Botswana and Zambia, the Elephant Valley Lodge is nestled deep in the Lesorama Mountain Range, just a few kilometers from Kasane. The lodge itself is set against massive high mountain thorn bushes and overlooks a huge waterhole that attracts large herds of elephants each year thereby offering up to the clock day game viewing. During the summer months' elephant activity slows down as their main concern is for themselves and their calves however during these colder seasons the elephants move around much more frequently, which means that visitors will get an opportunity to see a variety of game species such as antelopes, buffaloes, zebras, hyenas and hippos.

Located in this forest reserve, this lodge is situated very near the game reserve's boundary which gives the visitors a chance to view the animals as they move along the boundary line. However, the actual park is only ten minutes drive away so if you're planning a safari for a family break, then it's a great opportunity to explore the wildlife without actually leaving the campsite. The game reserve is surrounded by lush green grassland and there are numerous lodges and cottages scattered throughout the park so if you are coming during the wet season it is best to stay in a cottage, these will provide the travellers with shade during the heat of the day.

Elephants are an incredibly popular attraction, as they are an incredible animal and one that has been well cared for. Due to their unique structure the elephants spend most of their time looking out for threats, which includes looking for lions and leopards which come into their territory. Although there are a lot of threats the biggest threats to the animals come from poaching and the illegal trade in ivory and rhino horn. Although there is a large market for the ivory horns it is illegal to sell them and the illegal trade in rhino horn is very profitable, which has led to the poaching of rhinos in greater numbers than ever before.

The Elephant Valley Lodge is a perfect base for a safari in Botswana as it provides all the facilities that the traveller would need. Here the lodges offer heated accommodation for the winter months, showers, bathrooms, laundry facilities, electrical and internet connections, safari cars, satellite phones and even game viewing equipment. Click on this link: to get the best lodges.

With the amount of different wildlife viewing opportunities provided by the lodge, it makes it a perfect place to relax in between safari rides, enjoying the luxury of being able to view the animals in their natural habitat. There are also some great walking tracks available around the perimeter of the camp, which will allow the visitors to see the animals in their natural environment.

The game viewing is fantastic and the lodge even offers helicopter tours that allow the visitors to get up close and personal with the animals. Another great way to enjoy the scenery of the area is to hire the services of the local guide for a walking tour of the park, the guide will be able to guide you on a guided hike through the park, allowing you to discover the wildlife as they roam freely about the area. During the summer months the camp provides a wide range of activities including horse riding, mountain biking, and elephant watching. Find out more info about this topic at:

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